Terms and Conditions

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Institute Policies:

1. All students should arrive to class on time and prepared with the assignment given by the instructor. Class time will not be made up for tardiness or absences.

2. I.S.L.A. is not responsible for making up class time due to holidays (as per school calendar) or school cancellations due to inclement weather conditions or electrical blackouts. However, students receiving university credit must make up the time by doing a special project as assigned by the instructor.

3. Textbooks are not included in the program tuition, however, material is provided each week at no extra cost.

4. If a student has any problems with agent, classes, activities or homestay, it is their responsibility to inform the administration immediately to try to remedy the situation.

5. Any cancellations or program changes must be done through your participating agent.

6. If a student engages in any disorderly or illegal conduct, such as any kind of drug related activity, sexual or other unwelcome harassment towards classmates, housemates, teachers, administrators or visitors, or makes use of any kind of racial slur towards any ethnic group or against any classmate, housemate, teacher administrator or visitor, s/he will be terminated and ejected from the program with no tuition or homestay reimbursement and will be sent home at her/his own expense.

7. I.S.L.A. is equipped with a washer/dryer combo on premises. Students wishing to do their laundry while enrolled in the program are welcome to do so for a $3.00 charge payable to the office at the time of use. The charge includes one cycle in the washer and one cycle in the dryer. Students will be responsible for their laundry. I.S.L.A. will not be held responsible for any damaged or lost garments.

Host Family Policies:

Students will arrive to their homestay on Sunday and should plan to depart on the Saturday of their last week of the program. Any additional night will be billed at an extra cost. Please understand that you are living in a private home, and you must be respectful of your hosts. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

• Respect the privacy of your host. Dress appropriately at all times in the home.

• Call ahead if you plan to miss a meal or spend the night out.

• Keep your room clean and tidy.

• Do not have visitors to the home without previous consent of the host. No overnight guests are permitted at any time. If a student should act against this policy, s/he will be terminated from the program with no tuition or homestay reimbursement and will be sent home at her/his own expense.

• No smoking in the home unless permitted by the host. Only smoke in the areas designated by your host.

• Always ask permission to make phone calls using your host's phone. Ask your host which towns in Puerto Rico are considered long distance. Always use a calling card for long distance calls.

• If your host allows you to do laundry in the home, limit it to once per week. Consult your host on the laundry policies for their home.

• Be courteous and shut off the lights, fans, TV and any other electrical appliances when you leave the room.

• Limit your water use and do not leave the water running when it is not necessary.

• Air conditioning usage is an additional charge per week. Make arrangements with the administration if you are interested in using it. Please note that air conditioner usage is limited to evening hours while you are sleeping.

Waiver of liability:

By making an online booking using the provided booking form at elainer99.sg-host.com, I fully understand and accept the policies outlined in this registration form. I understand that neither I.S.L.A. nor the homestay family will be held responsible for any illness, accident or injury that I may suffer during the duration of my program. In the event of an emergency, I authorize, I.S.L.A. to take the appropriate action for my care, and have access to the medical records regarding my emergency. I further understand that I will be responsible for all medical bills incurred.

Always have your booking date when contacting us regarding your booking.