This program is suitable for a student that has limited time, special language needs or that wishes for a one-on-one experience with the teacher. The course will go at the student’s pace with a customized curriculum, suited to the student’s specific objectives, with the guidance of a language professional. We will focus on the language skill requested by the student, based on their course objectives.

Private courses are offered at our location during our operating hours or on-line via Skype. The course begins whenever you decide. These classes can be scheduled for as many hours as the student desires and for as long as requested, with a minimum of 15 hours of class. This program is available for every level. Registration must be paid a week before the desired start date.

This course includes one reschedule for every 5 hours of class. This allows students to not miss classes if travel schedule or other conflicts arise. They must notify the administration 4 hours prior to the scheduled class.

Registration Fee: $60 per week

At a glance

  • One-to-one sessions
  • Customized curriculum
  • Flexibility to fit your schedule needs
  • You can start when you wish
  • Rescheduling available