Our School

Stress-free Spanish zone

ISLA is a colorful, lively Spanish language school located in the Hato Rey District of San Juan, where students will feel welcome from the moment they enter. Coffee, water, Wi-Fi, friendly staff all lead to our number one goal: creating a stress-free Spanish zone.

Since language is a reflection of culture, one cannot be taught without the other.

As you gain knowledge of the Spanish language you will gain insights into the Puerto Rican culture. In the classroom, you will not only learn standard Spanish vocabulary and grammar, but also will be made aware of the subtle lexical nuances in Spanish speaking cultures.

Professional educators lead your success

All Spanish instructors are native speakers with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and second language teaching experience. They are a group of dedicated and experienced educators who will lead students toward a higher proficiency in the Spanish language. Using a variety of creative teaching techniques and resources, instructors adapt classroom activities to cater to all learning styles, facilitating a stimulating and motivating environment.

Time to maximize practice opportunities

In order to allow students plenty of opportunities to practice Spanish outside the classroom, as well as to enjoy the destination, group classes are three hours long each day. The school encourages students to be bold and explore our culture and city in their free time. The school provides assistance by availing their web of resources, suppliers, activities and suggestions to interested students.

An island full of adventure is just outside the classroom!