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The school offers homestay arrangements for our students. The program has been designed in such a way that access to the homestays is by public transportation, mainly focused on the “Tren Urbano” as it has the most extensive schedule and is the most reliable. Many hosts are within walking distance as well.


The school has a web of hosts. The more information you provide the better we can pair you up. Hosts have been selected for their location, availability and desire to enhance a student’s experience upon visiting Puerto Rico. A description of the home, the accommodations offered (private room is standard) and a brief description of your host is sent to the student 2 weeks prior to arrival.


Home stays may be offered with meals or without meals. With meals is breakfast and dinner. Lodging begins the Sunday before classes and ends the Saturday after. Additional nights may be coordinated with the school but depend greatly on incoming students. Additional nights, be they pre or post will carry additional charges.


Please note that it is not customary to have central a/c in Puerto Rico, and accommodations are offered with fans for ventilation. Some homes may have an a/c unit in the bedroom and use of this can be had for an additional weekly charge. Upon inquiring or booking please let us know you prefer to include the a/c supplement.


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